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Physics, Spirituality and Cannabis

Picture this - a physicist is preparing a presentation to a group of colleagues and asks himself, "I wonder if smoking a small amount of cannabis might enhance the quality of the dialogue..."

Well, that's exactly what happened according to recent customer of Indigenous Alchemy.

Meet Dr. G.W., a Portland area researcher with a PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University of California, Berkeley.

Here's his story:

I am a researcher in quantum physics, re-envisioning the foundations and the philosophical and experiential implications of quantum theory, which leads to an integration of the scientific and spiritual world views.

This work requires challenging all of our presuppositions about the nature of reality, and reimagining the nature and role of science. A complete reimagining of our worldview. It is based on contemplative as well as intellectual investigations. The work is very challenging, highly technical, and requires a lot of creativity to translate into language for others to understand.

I have found that occasional use of entheogens can help lessen old habit-patterns of thinking and free my imagination in a very productive way. This is not only my own experience, but also the judgment of colleagues.

To name just one example:

A few weeks ago I was preparing for a presentation to other quantum scientists and wondered if smoking a small amount of Druid might enhance the quality of the dialogue. It did. The work flowed much more easily and I was treated to insights not clear to me under normal thinking circumstances. When I went to present my work I was a bit nervous. Some of the sharpest minds in the world are in that group and I needed to be at my very best. I smoked a small amount before the presentation. It was amazing! I was at my absolute best and the ideas were really flowing. More importantly, my presentation was extremely well received, with some of the participants complimenting me on an exceptional presentation.

Most of the cannabis on the market is not suited for this kind of work, including all indicas and hybrids.

Of the pure sativas, I have found “Druid” by Indigenous Alchemy by far the most impressive in terms of enhancement of clarity and creativity, without any of the inebriation, drowsiness or dullness, flightiness, shortening of attention span that often come with lesser cannabis strains.

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Testimonials like this remind us that we're on the right path. Every strain we grow is carefully evaluated for the effect it has on your state of consciousness. All other considerations are secondary.

Smoke Less, Enjoy It More.

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