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Cannabis and Your Heart - How to avoid anxiety

THC and other psychoactive cannabinoids are remarkably similar chemically to certain hormones produced by your body. This means there is an interaction between your body chemistry at any given point in time and the effect generated by the cannabis you


When we feel anxious, fear, or other uncomfortable emotions our bodies are flooded with adrenaline and norepinephrine - hormones that increase our heart rate, and generate a jittery feeling throughout our body. Ingesting cannabinoids, especially psychoactive cannabinoids can exacerbate uncomfortable effects. What is happening is the stress hormones are combining with the cannabinoids and acting like a catalyst for the potency of the cannabis product.

There are three things you can do to eliminate this unpleasant experience. The first is to avoid strains that tend to generate anxiety. Many sativa dominant hybrids have this tendency.

Pure sativas are usually more relaxing and much less likely to generate an unpleasant effect. However, any psychoactive cannabis product can generate anxiety if dosage is not adjusted for one’s mental/emotional state prior to ingesting.

If you are feeling at all anxious or emotionally uncomfortable drop your dosage way down. You will find you get just as high on much less, and will enjoy a relaxing effect instead of paranoia. In our experience a 50% reduction in dosage results in the same effect as 100% if you are feeling anxious, so smoke half as much.

This same strategy does not work quite as well with sativa dominate hybrids. This is the reason we spend the time and energy to grow pure sativas.

By the same token ingesting highly psychoactive cannabinoid products when your body has significant levels of endorphins from happiness, joy, or satisfaction will greatly enhance a euphoric effect.

Finally, make sure you have adequate amounts of carbohydrates in your system when ingesting cannabis, especially pure sativas. You may not feel hungry with an energizing strain, but you will have a much better experience if you make sure to have a carbohydrate snack - before you get hungry.

This is why our company is focused on high consciousness. The more consciously you are connected to your body and mental/emotional state, and the more willing you are to adjust your consumption to your body’s condition the better results you will have. Similarly, consciously maintaining blood sugar levels when using pure sativas will also improve the high you experience.


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