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We grow old school using organic potting soil, and organic nutrients.  If we have to spray we use only plant extracts and essential oil soaps composed of herbs and spices. 

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The Soil

We grow old school.


  • Organic potting soil

  • Organic teas, kelp, and guano

  • Pure plant extracts and natural sugars

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The Water

We use clean drinking water from the mountains of Central Oregon


  •  All water goes through a two-stage carbon filter for extra purity.


  • All piping is certified drinking water quality or better.


  • All nutrients are mixed in true food-grade containers, applied through certified food grade pumps, with certified food grade plumbing and hoses.


(Beware of growers using PVC or galvanized metal piping!   Water and nutrients can leach chemicals and metals from non-food grade materials.)


The Light

We use true broad-spectrum lighting – perfectly duplicating late summer sunlight.


  • Critical to properly finish long flowering pure strains.


  • Insures full production of a wide variety of active cannabinoids.


  • Our lighting runs cool and energy efficient for reduced environmental impact.


Check out the Fluence Bioengineering Spiders.  Here is a link to their site:


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The Finish

We take extra time when it matters most.


  • No bud is harvested until tricomes are fully mature, even if it takes an extra week.


  • All nutrients are stopped at least 7 days before harvest to insure finished buds are clean and clear.


  • All plants go through a three-stage progressive drying process that can take up to three weeks in order to fully preserve a wide variety of critical cannabinoids.


A high consciousness finish makes for a high consciousness high!

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