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About Us

Our founder worked in natural and alternative medicine for over 20 years.  He discovered firsthand how synergy between different plant compounds can accomplish amazing things medically, offering relief and healing to those told they are stuck with their conditions.  Conventional medicine was not helping these people, yet they healed and improved using herbs that have been around for thousands of years.


At one point he founded a biotechnology company that specialized in plant compounds activated by light to treat viruses and cancer.  Today that technology is one of the leading treatments for certain kinds of tumors.


As a long-time cannabis enthusiast and medical user he was appalled by the effects of the hybrid cannabis strains dominating the market.  He did not like feeling edgy or anxious with sativa dominate hybrids or feeling lethargic or cloudy with the Indica dominate hybrids, so he began a lifelong search for the pure strains he remembered from his first cannabis experiences in the 70’s.  This lead him to high consciousness cannabis strains that not only have a superior medical effect, but also were useful for expanding perception and awareness for spiritual growth.


His search lasted two decades, and culminated in the establishment of an extensive seed bank containing some of the world’s rarest strains, many of which have become extinct.  Over the past ten years he has personally cultivated, bred and evaluated hundreds of these strains under his medical license here in Oregon.  Only those, which truly offer a superior experience, make it into our line.

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