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Smoke Less. Enjoy it more.

High Consciousness Cannabis is for those who desire a clear mind, stable emotions, and a sense of peace in their heart.  Every strain we grow is carefully evaluated for the effect it has on your state of consciousness.  All other considerations are secondary.


Most high consciousness strains take longer to flower and yield less than the hybrids common in the marketplace today.  We choose quality over profits.  We work harder to deliver a product that leaves you feeling comfortable and inspired.


Our collectors worked for 25 years to locate the rarest and best strains in the world.  Our discerning breeders have carefully preserved these fine genetics here in Oregon for your enjoyment and pleasure.

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Soul Symbol.png
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Numbers Lie

THC, CBD, and Terpenes measurements are useful in giving the user a general understanding of potency and effect.  However, two strains can have similar numbers, yet one will produce a bright creative effect while the other will be dull and uninspiring.

There are over 250 potentially active cannabinoids besides THC and CBD.  Many of these other cannabinoids such as THCV have a significant effect on your state of mind.

High consciousness cannabis is high in THCV and other rare cannabinoids that have a synergistic effect on the quality of the experience offered and with profound medical benefits.  While certain terpenes may facilitate the utilization of cannabinoids it is the synergistic effect of these unmeasured cannabinoids that are responsible for producing a high consciousness effect.  High Consciousness Cannabis may not have impressive numbers, but what matters is how you feel, not what the numbers say.


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Appearances Can Be Deceptive

We have all had the experience of bringing home some beautiful buds that sparkle with resin and color, that smell great, but did not give us a high consciousness experience.

In general high consciousness strains take longer to flower and are much more airy in structure than the hybrid strains.  The extra days under intense light may dull the colors, and produce a more subdued aroma.  Usually, these strains produce a mild grassy, spicy, or earthy scent, pleasing to those who prefer more subtle odors.


One enthusiast used the term “Fools Gold” to describe the hybrids he was used to after he tried one of our high consciousness landrace sativas.  He was not impressed with the appearance and expected a dull experience, but instead discovered that great feeling of well-being and inspiration such a strain can deliver.

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